Who viewed my Facebook profile

Who Viewed My Facebook Profile

If you’ve ever stopped and wondered, “Who viewed my Facebook profile?” then you should know you aren’t the only one to have such a thought. People are naturally curious and while you’re spending time checking out other people, seeing what they’re up to and making plans for your next weekend, others are checking out your own Facebook page in a very similar way. Like you, they too have probably wondered who is checking out their profile regularly. If you should happen to hear of a plugin or Facebook application that allows you to see who viewed my Facebook profile, you would do well to stop and think before you download and install.

Most of the programs which claim to show who viewed my Facebook profile are in fact disingenuous malware created solely for stealing information from unwary users. Just because a bunch of other people say such a program is good does not make that point true, either; getting a handful of fake testimonials like “Wow it works!” or “OMG! OMG! OMG!” is more easy than you might think, especially when none of those comments are really traceable. Don’t buy into these fallacies! If you do, you will pay a far greater price than you know.

Consider for a moment all the shopping you do online, if any. Even if you only buy the occasional video game through Steam services, or pick up rare items which you spot on eBay once in a while, you are still putting your information out in the open. This information can be saved on your computer with programs like keyloggers, which may or may not have been coupled in with that “Facebook application” you downloaded to see who viewed your Facebook profile. These loggers then send the illegally acquired information to some data farming center.

Typically, whomever wrote the bad Facebook application or plugin has a place where they collect all the data they steal. Credit card and bank account numbers, Paypal passwords and more can all be snatched thanks to the devious use of Facebook as a means to get under people’s defenses. Just because you trust Facebook doesn’t mean you should trust everything you see on site! If you install one of those applications to see who’s been seeing you and then notice strange activity on your bank or other financial statements, you have been made another entry in the long list of phishing victims.

There are a couple good solutions to this problem. First and foremost, just don’t download or install such programs in the first place. If you never give them access to your computer to begin with, those scammers and phishers can’t get at your personal information. If you’ve already been victimized and you’re trying to deal with all the grief which is piling up, you will need to call each of your financial institutions separately, come up with proof those recent purchases aren’t your own and jump through a horde of other hurdles to make amends.


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